First Choice SMS Registration Process

At First Choice SMS, our job is to make sure that we assist you through the registration process, including getting your business approved by The Campaign Registry and the secondary campaign vetting process. We leave nothing to chance, or risk rejection of your application. We provide one-on-one consulting advice to each of our clients. This service incudes the following:

  • Helping you understand the various types of registrations and requirements.
  • Walking you through the brand registration form.
  • Reviewing your website and/or marketing materials.
  • Providing you with any needed language to update your site Privacy Policy and SMS opt-in capture forms and materials.
  • Optionally (for an additional fee) make any physical changes to your website to incorporate Campaign Registry requirements, and/or create or modify opt-in forms and printed materials that you will use to build your SMS opt-in list.

Our Support Continues Once You Get Approved

 Once we notify you that your registration and opt-in vetting process has been approved, we will help you get up and running, and building your subscriber list. Our complementary services include:

  • Provide you with a user guide and access to our video training so that you know how to get the most value from our platform.
  • Provide you with our Quick Start Guide to Building an Opt-In SMS Messaging List. This guide covers the following:
    • How to use Facebook to generate subscribers who do not even follow you or your business (for free)
    • How to link subscribers to your Facebook page or group using their mobile app
    • Examples of campaign messages that will encourage sign-ups
    • How to make your subscribers feel exclusive
    • Proven ways to update your printed material to encourage signups.
    • How to use our Scan ‘n Score signup flyer to build your list.

 To get started, simply fill out the SMS Text Messaging Form on the right and we will follow up with you to get your registration process started, or answer any questions you have. This form is used to apply for a toll-free phone number that can be used to do text messaging through any of the major SMS/MMS messaging platforms. First Choice SMS uses the information on this form to submit to The Campaign Registry once you are ready to get started with our text message marketing platform.

By completing and submitting this form, you give a representative of First Choice SMS the permission to contact you by phone to review and/or update this form and submit it as a request to obtain a toll-free text messaging number to use on behalf of your business. Once your account has been approved, you then agree to pay a $1.00 set up fee, and have two months to evaluate the service. If at the end of the two months you do not cancel your account, you agree to pay the monthly platform fee of $6.95. If you need additional messaging credits, you can purchase them at the listed prices for various credit packages.

Need Help? Give us a Call.

 If you need help understanding either how to fill out this form or what some of the fields mean, simply contact us using either our support email address or phone number. 

SMS Text Messaging Registration Form
First and Last Name
Legal name of your business
Include City, State and Zip Code
Sole proprietorship, LLC. Corporation, private, publicly traded, nonprofit
Can be your SSN if a sole proprietor
What is it that you sell or do?
Describe how you are planning to use our service.
This could include sample wording, or a link to a URL or image for the opt-in or opt-in language. If you have any fliers, mention this below and we will review.
Provide an example of the types of messages you plan to send out.
This is the 8 digit Account Rep Or Referral ID

Let’s discuss how SMS messaging can help grow your business.

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