Affordable Text Message Marketing for Every Business

Keep bringing your customers back to your business using proven text marketing messages and mobile coupons for as little as just $6.95 per month!

  • Easily create winning campaigns for any type of business.
  • Reach your customers for as low as 3 cents each with near 100% view rates.
  • Connect with unlimited contacts using unlimited campaign keywords.
  • Create drip marketing campaigns for new signups.
  • Your credits never expire.

Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS text messages are simply text messages that are sent from a service platform to individual mobile devices. SMS stands for Short Message Service. Acquiring a new prospect is often as simple as having a sign or promotional message that says “Text KEYWORD to 215-555-1234”.  The keyword can be any promotional word you wish, typically as a part of a promotional campaign. Once a prospect sends that keyword to your number, their phone will be registered as a contact for you, letting your send them promotional messages. You can also create a QR code using one of our available tools. A prospect can participate in your campaign simply by scanning your QR code with their phone. 

Here are some of the benefits of text message marketing using First Choice SMS.

High Open Rates

Text messages have the highest open rates when compared to emails. 97% of the messages sent are read, making SMS services a highly effective way to engage with your customers. Also, 90% of text marketing messages are read within the first four minutes of being received, meaning your messages can be more timely.

Attract New Customers

Inexpensive or free marketing efforts such as social media posts and signs at your business can make it easy for a prospect to engage with your business, becoming a customer. You can create special offers to anyone who opts into your SMS campaign.

Reach Everyone

Almost everyone has a mobile phone, making it easy to reach a wide audience with your promotional message. You can send out mass offers to your prospects with just a few clicks from our console. Pretty much everyone knows how to read a text message, and there is no need for a prospect to have an email account.

Link to Social Media

If you have a Facebook business page or other social media account, you can link your text message right to your customer's app. This lets you continue to engage your customer with your message, special offer or event. More Facebook & Instagram users do so on their phone instead of from a laptop, making it very easy to connect with them on their device of choice.

Create Loyal Customers

Make customers feel special by offering exclusive offers, digital coupons or menu items only available to those who are on the campaign list. You can also set up customer loyalty programs that provide a reward for reaching a specific number of purchases or visits. Our platform lets you convert a tablet to a loyalty program kiosk.

Less Marketing Clutter

Email messages are rarely opened due to the overload of messages and spam that email boxes contain. Direct mail marketing mostly ends up in the trash can, unopened. When you send our marketing text messages, your message is seen, as there is no need to open an email or a letter.

Send Timely Updates

Businesses can use SMS services in a way similar to tweets, as in to announce a new sale, share discount coupons or offers, inform customers about a new product or service, send appointment reminders, and even to provide order status updates for online shoppers, and much more. No need to plan out an email campaign or prepare direct marketing materials.

Simple Setup

Getting started with an email marketing tool can be a bit daunting, with all of the deliverability configuration needs, along with the complexities of setting up templates, autoresponders and newsletters. With our SMS text platform, you have none of these headaches or onboarding. We provide you with an SMS phone number and an easy to use control panel.

Unlimited Keywords

Keywords are the way you can create marketing segments for your opt-in list. A person texts a keyword to your SMS number, adding that phone number to the campaign for those who responded to that keyword. This lets you test different campaigns to see which ones have a better response or are more profitable.

Let’s discuss how SMS messaging can help grow your business.

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