QR Code Opt-In

Imagine being able to build your text message subscriber list simply by letting your customers simply scan a sign with their phone! No need to enter anything at all. We make it easy for you build your list of opt-in subscribers. All you will need to do is use our QR code generator to create a scannable code like the one on the right. You can then build out the rest of the promotion page as shown in the example below. Simply print these out and place them were they will attract viewers. A simple scan and send will register their phone number with your chosen keyword.

Sample Opt-In QR Code

Scan 'n Score Example

Here is a great example of how you can use this capability to promote your opt-in SMS program. On the right is an example of how to get signups simply by having your prospect scan the QR code. This flyer was created using Google Sheets. If you click on the link, you should be able to see how it was put together. If any First Choice SMS customer would like this as a template, simply contact your account rep, and he/she will send you the link. Simply make any edits that you need to represent your business and special offers, and you are ready to go.

Note how I used the keyword SCORE in this example. This way you will be able to have a group/segment in your opt-in list who specifically responded to this offer. Thus, you can cater your “scores” only to those who were interested in this, as opposed to others where you may want to promote something else. We provide you with many options to create and grow your SMS list!