Opt-In Web Widget

A new and powerful feature we added to First Choice SMS is a web based opt-in widget. A widget is essentially a mini form that allows potential customers to join a SMS marketing list right from your website or through a sign-up link placed in an email campaign. This provides yet another cost-effective method to reach and attract new consumers to your business and works well in any industry. It’s helps you get exposure through multiple channels. Our web based opt-in widgets provide you with a great way to build a subscriber list. It can be used to capture your subscriber’s name, email and birthday if you wish.

Web Widget Example

Our widget builder is fully customizable for you, including being able to include your logo. Once you create your widget, you can have it appear as a pop-up on your site, or embed it somewhere on a page. When creating your widget, you would assign it to a subscriber group, which is like using a keyword. When a person clicks on “Join Now”, their mobile number will be added to your subscriber list for that keyword/group. We would suggest that you also include setting up a follow-up text to confirm their opt-in.  For off-line usage, you can use a QR code generator that we provide you to convert the sign-up page into a scannable code that you can print on flyers, table cards, or anywhere else where you would like to collect new subscribers for your offer.